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15.11.2017 - FOUR REASONS Exhibition at Expo Bath Sofia - Roca

The title of this first exhibition of ADA AD, sponsored by Roca Bulgaria, refers to a rational and coherent dimension – THE FOUR REASONS that make the practicing of the architectural profession by us possible and desirable: “Fun, Fame, Fortune and Friendship.”

  • Yes, the Architectural creative method is very similar to a game, and a game is Fun;
  • Yes, Architecture has always been and continues to be a source of recognition and Fame;
  • Yes, the Architectural profession provides, though difficult at times, the necessary for each individual’s level of Fortune.
  • Yes, the successful pursuit of the architectural profession leads to the most important - lasting Friendships with clients, partners, collaborators and consumers, surely a cause to be called “a reason to live."
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    Planning Services

    Spacial analysis & interpretation, Feasibility studies, Master planning-urban & local, Detailed planning designs, Liasion with approving bodies, Assistance with submissions

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    Engineering Services

    Civil & Structural Engineering, Specifications & BOQs Mechanical & Electrical Engineering-full range of services, incl. : BMS, Air Conditioing, Ventilation & Extraction, High & Low Voltage reticulation, Telecom Systems, Security Sctronic Networks, Hydraulics & Plumbing, Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Specifications and BOQs.